Frequently asked questions

No, I am sorry.


  • Are there any other days available to book than those you can see available in the booking calendar of the tour?

No, I am sorry.


  • If the booking calendar says the tour is fully booked, is it true?

Yes, of course.


  • Is there a waiting list for the case someone cancels?

Usually NOT, but if you wish, you can contact me by email. If anyone cancels you will be contacted.


  • Can we book a private tour?

No, I am sorry. However, you can check the website of my friend Yulia She has a little company organizing only private tours. You can contact her at or +34 657 03 09 40.


  • How can we book the tour?

In the automatic reservation system integrated into the Across the Island Tour page, You can pay by a credit/debit card or PayPal.


  • Are the tours multilingual?

No, the tours are guided only in English.


  • Why are the tours guided only in English?

Because I have a lot to say about Gran Canaria and if I have to say all that in 2 languages, I am getting voice issues. Besides, I rarely have Spanish-speaking guests and when all the group speaks the same language, the tours are much more enjoyable and fun.


  • What is the maximum size of the groups?

25 PAX


  • Why there is no telephone number on your website?

Because I am a guide only for 1 day in a week. The rest of the week I am trying to minimize the usage of electronic devices to protect my mental health. I can only recommend you do the same. Besides, all the questions are probably answered on this page and my booking system is automatic, accurate and operating 24/7. I answer emails once a day (except weekends) and if you book a tour, you will get my mobile number which only works during the tour and only in case we have any issues finding each other at the pick-up points.


  • What things shall we bring with us for the tour?

Comfortable shoes (sandals or flip flops can be fine if you don´t feel cold), most people wear trainers. Hiking shoes are not necessary, there is no hiking included. Please note that the temperature may get a couple of degrees colder in the midlands and mountains than by the coast. Generally, I would recommend you to have a light jacket/sweatpants jacket or a pullover both in winter and in the summer. You can always leave your belongings on the bus. If you wish to have your quick jump to the ocean by the sand dunes, don´t forget your swimwear. It is not necessary to bring any food, we have a great traditional restaurant on our way, and most meals cost 7-10 euros. It might be convenient to have some water or drinks with you and sun protection.


  • Are there vegetarian/vegan/pescatarian/gluten-free/lactose-free options for the lunch?

For vegetarians: tomato & cheese salad, fried peppers, chef´s salad (fried aubergines and zucchini, tomatoes, cabbage, apple, goat cheese and almonds), fried cheese, croquettes (with spinach and mushrooms filling), Canarian potatoes with mojo

For vegans: Canarian potatoes with mojo, green peppers, olives, chef´s salad (fried aubergines and zucchini, tomatoes, cabbage, apple and almonds)

For pescatarians: vegetarian options + garlic prawns, fried calamari, battered fish, fried octopus

Gluten-free: most meals on the menu can be prepared as gluten-free

Lactose-free: most dishes that do not contain cheese are lactose-free

For meat eaters: ropa vieja (a local speciality), canary goat, crispy chicken tears, fried pork, morcilla (crispy sweet blood sausage), fried eggs with serrano ham, serrano ham and varied cheese board


  • How can I participate on the tours if I stay in the south of the island?

The tours are organized and offered to clients who stay in Las Palmas. However, if you don´t mind waking up a bit earlier, you can join the Across the Island Tour in Las Palmas in San Telmo Park pick-up (on the highway bus stop) at 9:10. The public bus system of Gran Canaria is great and mostly on time, but please don´t make me responsible for any delays if you decide to join the tour this way. Please let me know if you´re travelling from the south at the time you are making your reservation so that I can be ready for that and check the departure times. 

For guests staying in Maspalomas, Playa del Inglés and San Agustín: bus nr. 30 starts from Faro Maspalomas at 7:50, it is passing Playa del Inglés 7:55-8:00 and San Agustín at 8:05. This bus should be at San Telmo Bus Station at around 8:50. In the afternoon we can drop you off by Faro Maspalomas, Parque Tropical (Playa de Inglés) or San Agustín.

For guests staying in Puerto de Mogán, Puerto Rico, Arguineguín: bus nr. 91starts from Puerto de Mogán at 7.15, it is passing Puerto Rico at around 7:30 and Arguineguín at around 7:45 This bus should be at San Telmo Bus Station at around 8:30 In the afternoon to go back home, you can take bus number 33 from Faro Maspalomas. This bus operates twice an hour. 


  • Where can I park if coming for the tour by a hired car?

First of all, I would like to say that it is easier and possibly less time-consuming (and much cheaper) to take the public busses described above than to come by car. Besides if you leave your car in Las Palmas, you will have to return back with the tour to Las Palmas, meanwhile, if you take the public bus, you can stay in Maspalomas (the last stop) and save yourself 2 hours of travelling.

If you still prefer to drive your car, please add some extra time to your travelling plan. The traffic might be heavier in the morning and it will probably take you some time to find the places and parking. Most of my guests who came by car, unfortunately, didn´t keep that in their mind and came late.

The cheapest and easiest place you can park in is to be found on google maps as “Aparcamiento del Puerto (UTE API-ANRO)”. The price is just 4€/day. It is recommendable that you arrive latest at 8:30, later on, it might get full. From there it is just 3 minute walk to my starting point in Santa Catalina Park.

Another possibility is to be found on google maps as “Aparcamiento Sanapú”. The price is approximately 8€/day. Walking distance to my starting point in Santa Catalina Park is approximately 10 minutes.

If both parking places are full, the safe option is the parking in “Centro Comercial El Muelle”, the price is approximately 16€/day. Walking distance to my starting point in Santa Catalina Park is 5-7 minutes.


  • How is it with motion sickness?

For most of the tour, we will drive through winding mountain roads. The roads are safe and the drivers are skilled professionals. Most of the participants are usually completely fine, but if you normally suffer from motion sickness, then you probably don´t want to do this tour without your medication.


  • Why the reservation system doesn´t permit booking for kids up to 7 years?

The vast majority of the kids that participated in my tours fell very sick on the twisting roads. Then the tour was a very difficult experience for them, their parents and the rest of the group. Besides the tour being long and designed more for adults, small kids may not find it interesting.


  • Is the tour fine for a pregnant woman?

I would say maximum till the 4th month of pregnancy and at your own risk. Please note that most of the tour drives through winding mountain roads, which may cause you additional sickness. The tour is long and might be tiring for you. If you have a serious problem, it may take a longer time for the ambulance to reach us in the mountains. The accidental insurance of the tour doesn´t cover any issues that can happen to the unborn baby or issues connected to the pregnancy.


  • Is the tour fine for disabled people?

I regret to say it isn´t. The terrain of Gran Canaria is mostly steep and difficult to adjust for the disabled. Therefore the places in the midlands, villages and mountains that we will visit are not well-adjusted, there are often multiple levels and steps we have to take.