Tejeda – Mountain Village

mountains, walking tours and tranquility

The village of Tejeda located in the centre of the island in the height of 1050 meters is one of the highest situated villages on the island and has a marvelous view of the mountain countryside. Literally it is a fallen top of a crater, that is surrounded by high monoliths giving you an impression that all the village is bordered by a huge royal crown. The view is dominated by 2 great rocky formations, Roque Bentayga (1404 metres) and Roque Nublo, the symbol of the island (1813 metres).

Tejeda is a place where you can relax in an absolute tranquility, or you can spend your holidays in a more active way and explore the unique countryside. There is a lot of possibilities of walking tours. For example you can climb Roque Bentayga, Roque Nublo or the highest point of the island, Pico de las Nieves in 1949 metres above the sea level. In the village there are several restaurants with a beautiful view, a supermarket, candy-shop, bank, info-center and in the summer even a public swimming pool is opened. If you’d come in the winter you’d be impressed by the flourishing almond-trees, the base of the local economy.