San Bartolomé – mountain village

for lovers of walking tours, nature, tranquility

Mountain village of San Bartolomé de Tirajana is situated on the slopes of an enormous extinct volcano in the height of almost 900 meters above the sea level. The village is also an administrative center of the largest municipality in the island of the same name (San Bartolomé de Tirajana), where some of the busy southern resorts such as Playa del Inglés or Maspalomas do belong.  But don´t worry, the inhabitants of the south don´t travel to the village of San Bartolomé to arrange their paper works, they have their own town hall in San Fernando, so that in the village of San Bartolomé, you can enjoy a complete tranquility.

Often you can hear the word “Tunte”, that is how the locals often call the village of San Bartolomé, because it was built over the ruins of the original pre-hispanic settlement called Tunte. Proudly the local inhabitants could also say, that their region was actually the last conquested place of Gran Canaria.

In the historical center you would find a beautiful church of San Bartolomé that was originally built in the first third of the 16th century and then significantly reconstructed at the end of the 17th century. In the interior you can find an important religious image of Santiago el Chico (Santiago the Lesser), thanks to that the village became a center of the jacobite pilgrims.

In the same square (Plaza de Tunte), you should definitely visit the House – Museum Casa de los Yánez (entrance free of charge, opened only on working days). This house is a typical example of the Canarian house of a well positioned  country family. The house was built in the 19th century and inside, you can admire the original equipment of all the rooms, such as “luxurious” lounge, bedrooms, dinning room, kitchen, doctor´s consulting room and even the original toilet. In the yard with typical wooden balcony there are several orange trees.

If you are in the village of San Bartolomé during the weekend days, than don´t forget to visit the “Canarian House” (Casa Canaria) -well preserved house from the 16th century with a great pre-hispanic architectural influence.

The village is a real paradise for the lovers of walking tours. If you book with us, we can sent you the maps and descriptions:

  • Route San Bartolomé – Fataga (beautiful palm oasis)
  • Route San Bartolomé – Fortaleza (archaeological site and museum)
  • Route San Bartolomé – Arteara (archaeological site)
  • Route San Bartolomé – Ayagaures
  • Route San Bartolomé – Fataga – Arteara
  • Route San Bartolomé – Santa Lucía
  • Circular route around San Bartolomé
  • Route of Santiago
  • Route Camino de la Plata
  • Route from Degollada de Cruz Grande to San Bartolomé
  • Circular Route of Cruz Grande
  • Circular Route around the Chira Reservoir
  • Circular Route around the Chira and Soria Reservoir
  • Route Arteara – Ayaguares

In the village of San Bartolomé you would also find a supermarket, several restaurants/coffee shops, souvenir shop, petrol station, tourist info center (in the House-Museum of the Yánez), medical center and several nice view points. Outside of the village, there is also a great wine cellar where you can taste and buy local wine (Bodega “Las Tirajanas”)