San Agustín Resort

for lovers of sun & beaches

San Agustín still remains one of the less busy seaside resorts in the south of the island, that has a fame of being quiet busy. Thanks to being more quiet than the other southern beaches, it is a favourite place especially for the local inhabitants. The beach is almost 1 km long, of volcanic origin and with a soft sand and shallow entrance into the ocean.

By the coast it is possible to walk from San Agustín to the sand dunes of the neighbouring seaside resort, the largest and the busist one on the island, Playa del Inglés, with a lot of commercial centers and other establishments of the entertainment industry.

San Agustín is equipped with several restaurants, coffee shop, supermarket, information and medical center. On the beach, there are showers, sun beds with umbrellas and it is possible to rent a pedal boat.

Sand Dunes Maspalomas
Walking 3 kilometres by the coast it is possible to reach the great sand dunes, that are undoubtedly one of the most known symbols of the island. The dunes are protected as a national park. In the place where the dunes enter the sea, there is a beach called Playa del Inglés, 6 km long. The dunes run almost 3 km into the interior of the island. Considering that the diameter of all the island is 45 km long, the sand dunes with its area of 400 hectares present an impresive natural dominant.