Island of Gran Canaria

Almost all the tourism in Gran Canaria Island is concentrated in its southern part, where you can find a lot of beautiful sandy beaches, but unfortunately all of them are quiet busy and surrounded by a lot of high hotel complexes. To be able to spend your holidays in more pleasurable and quiet way, we chose 3 very beautiful and peaceful places that are not included in the offers of any other travel agencies. Those places are Agaete, Tejeda and Caldera de Bandama.

To complete our offer we can invite you also to the capital city of Las Palmas with a beautiful long sandy beach and a great cultural offer and to San Agustín, the only resort in the south of the island, that is not as busy as the others.

For centuries the Canary islands are considered to be a paradise on the earth. The historians and poets believed that it is here where the Elysian Fields or the so called Gardens of the Hesperides were situated. You would be persuaded by the local climate, because if you would come here any day of the year, the temperature of the air would oscillate between 22-27°C.

Imagine a place, where during one day, you can walk threw long beaches with the gold sand, wander on camels threw 6 kms long sand dunes, refresh yourself in palm oases, hike threw the pine forests with more than hundred years old trees, admire the plants in national parks and botanic gardens, enjoy the view of mountain water ponds, or defeat Roque Nublo (Rock in the clouds) and from almost 2000 metres watch the clouds from the top.

This miniature continent has a very rich ecosystem with 32 natural protected areas, 8 natural reserves with more than 500 kinds of plants that are endemic. You would be impressed by 200 metres deep crater Bandama or by complexes of caves, where the local aborigines, called Guanche, used to live. Then you can finish your day in a sign of culture in almost half milion capital city of Las Palmas.

You will be also surprised by the hospitality of the inhabitants of the island- Canarios. They are so friendly, that they will call you “mi nino” (my child), “carino” (darling), or even “mi amor” (my love) and they will not have any weird intentions. If you wish to live something unrepeteable, come in February and you´ll participate in the local carnaval, said to be the second greatest in the world, just after the one in Rio de Janeiro.

In the restaurants don´t forget to order some of local specialities. The most known is “papas arrugadas con mojo”, alias wrinkled potatoes with a spicy sauce or “la ropa vieja” which means literally “the old clothes”. If you like the coffee, ask for “leche y leche”, alias “milk and milk” (the normal one and the condensed one).


Thanks to the nice temperatures all the year round the climate of the Canary islands was evalueted to be one of the bests in the world. Generally the lowest temperatures in the winter never fall bellow 18°C and in the summer never rise up over 28°C. Swimming in the ocean is possible all the year round. In the winter months it might be cloudy or sometimes even raining in the northern part of the island. The weather in the southern part is dryer. In the mountais one has to be ready for the temperatures lower than by the shore. The coast line is washed by the Atlantic ocean that might bring some wawes or wind.

Political Environment

Gran Canaria forms a part of the Spanish kingdom. Eventhough you would be physically in Africa, politically you would stay in the area of the European Union. The islands are relatively safe and it is not necessary to pay more attention than in any other European destination.

Medical Care

In all our destination, there is a medical center. The closes medical center for Caldera de Bandama is in Santa Brígida (approx. 6 kms)

Air Transport to the Island

We would be pleased to find the cheapest flight connection with your home-town, the island is very well comunicated and there are direct flights to great part of Europe. You can choose almost any day to came and you can stay as long as you wish. For more information about the flights please contact us.