General Conditions

In order to avoid any misunderstandings with our services, we recomend you tou read our general conditions. The list could be updated from time to time depending on our new experiences, but we can assure you always to follow the conditions stated at the time of your reservation.


Excursions are one day tours and walking trips organized directly by All of them are guided by a licenced and experienced guide. We only do excursions in small groups up to 20 persons or 15 persons in case of the walking tour Valley of Azuaje. The maximum amount of participants of the Rally Excursions is an exception and could be up to 55 passengers. The detailed description of the excursions is mentioned in the subpage dedicated to the excursions, but however it must be considered that there are circumstances that we cannot influence.

All the participants of the excursions are insured for accidents and that is why we require the names of all the passengers and the passport number of at least one person for each reservation (requirements of the insurance company).

If the weather prediction is very bad for the day of the excursion, we reserve the right to cancel the excursion with complete money refund or change the date of the excursion.  We also cannot be responsible for the weather on the excursion. That is why you are adviced to take with you warmer clothing and a raincoat/umbrella. Even if the weather is warm on the coast, it can be (and probably will be) colder in the mountains.

In case of rain in the northern part of the island at the day of the walking tour Valley of Azuaje the excursion could be dangerous and that is why we would change the itinerary for another walking tour in the southern part of the island, probably for Walking Tour San Bartolomé – Fataga.

We are not responsable for the delays caused by heavy traffic, weather conditions, closures of the roads or late arrival of the clients. You are adviced to be at the pick up point 5 minutes before the announced arrival time, and we would like to ask you to wait at least 15 minutes after the time of the announced time in case we have any unpredictable delay. We cannot wait longer then 5 minutes on the pick-up places for the late comers. Once on the excursion we reserve the right to leave 10 minutes after the announced departure time on each stop even if you are not in the bus and you must return to Las Palmas or follow the group on your own expenses without any refund.

We always recommend to have good walking shoes, because even our classic excursions include small walks (optional) in the countryside. For the walking tours with considerable height difference it is good to have nordic walking sticks with you (optional) and enough water (ordinatory) and a snack that you consider relevant for the probable time of the walk.

The walking tours are always as fast as its slowest member. The transport on the excursion is provided by a profesional transportation office. It can be either in a private bus/minibus/microbus or in case of small amounts of clients some excursions may be realized in public buses. There is a minimum number of members on each excursion, but because each excursion is different, and we always try all the possible ways to realize the excursion, the minimum numbers are difficult to state. In case we cannot do the excursion because of small amount of clients, we would inform you before 18:00 o´clock the day before.

Deadline: You can reserve the excusions already from your home country prior the arrival or once you are in Gran Canaria, but the deadline for the reservations is at 15:00 o´clock the day before.

Payment: At the moment of the reservation we require a pre-payment of 20% of the total price of the excursion. The rest of the amount is charged at the beginning of the excursion.


  • directly on our email:
  • filling in the request form on the page of the particular excursion
  • in any tourist information point in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Santa Catalina Park, Las Canteras Promenade, San Telmo Park, the Square of Santa Ana or in the Port in front of El Muelle Commercial Center)
  • in
  • in



All the descriptions of of the offered accomodations were elaborated by us, visited regularly by us and we try to keep the information as exact and actual as possible and we cannot assume the responsability of the possible changes made by the owners of the establishments. In case we learn about any changes we would inform you as soon as possible. The description of the accomodations is stated on the subpage of each accomodation we offer on our website. The kitchen equipment of the studios and apartments contents the basic utensils and it is not apropriate for the elaboration of complicated dishes.

Our mission is to offer accomodation in quiet places (Tejeda, Valle de Agaete, Puerto de las Nieves, Moya, Firgas, Caldera de Bandama) or in quiet areas of busy places (as our offer in Las Palmas, San Agustín, Playa del Inglés), far from busy streets and trafic. We choose those places with the intention of offering you the best relax possible. However we cannot assume the responsability for the trafic, street life, local celebrations and events or construction works in any place. If we know about any relevant changes in this area we would try to inform you as soon as possible.

The category of the accomodations is not official, but we intend to assign as many stars as we consider relevant according to our experience.

According to the international conditions, the hoteliers have the right to check you in after 14:00 PM of the day of your arrival and check you out before 12 AM of the day of your departure. However, especially in the case of studios and apartments, we will try to arrange with the hoteliers to check you in/out according with your arrival/departure times. This corteousness depends on the availibility and cannot be guarranted.

Mostly we work with small capacity accomodations where the overbookings are almost impossible. We cannot assume the financial responsability in the cases of improbable overbookings or tectical problems, but however in these cases, we promise to intent very hard to find similar accomodation for you in the same zone and for and similar price.

Payment conditions of the accomodation:

Each accommodation has different reservation, payment and cancellation policy, the conditions could depend also on the actual occupancy, how long time in advance do you book and other conditions of the owners of the accommodation. Therefore we prefer to inform you individually at the time of your request, but of course always before you decide whether you book or not.

The prices can change and must be always reconfirmed with each reservation. Once confirmed the price is obligatory.

Extension/Shortening/Change of dates of your reservation:

Once you already booked your accomodation with us, you can always try to extend your stay. In case of the availibility, it is possible to stay in the same establishment/room/studio/apartment. If the establishment is fully booked, we will try to find for you another available accomodation in the area for the days of your extension. Once you have already paid for your reservation, its shortening and any money refund is usually not possible and depends only on the corteousness and payment conditions of the hoteliers. The change of dates of your reservation after you have paid for it, is possible only in case of availibility of the accomodation and also depends on the corteousness and payment conditions of the hoteliers.


We are not responsible for any inconveniences with your flights such as changes of flying times, delays, cancellations. The flights are completely in the competence of the airlines. Making a reservation you accept that you enter in a contract directly between you and the airline. You should also know that the captain of the aircraft has the unlimited authority of the flight and in case you break the rules of the airline or you are not in conditions to fly (unfit to fly, drunken, rude, dirty, annoying for another passengers or your presence would put the flight or other passengers in danger etc.), you can be refused to board. In case the flight company does refuse your boarding for any reason, we are have no further responsability for you or any other member of your group. We are also not responsable for the money refund of the flight tickets of for other services intermediated by us in Gran Canaria that you cannot enjoy because of being refused to board on the flight or because you lost your flight. However in each case it is good to contact with us and we can try to help you to solve your situation.

There are 3 ways how to book flight tickets with us:

1) You can ask us to find the best deals for you (price 10€ paid by bank transfer in advance) , we will always send you our suggestions for the best prices we find. After receiving this suggestion it is recommendable to act fast, as the prices of the flights can change very quickly.

2) You can ask us to book a flight from the suggestion we made for you (10€/person paid by bank transfer in advance). In this case we will need your bank/credit card details or the complete price of the tickets on our accont before booking the flight. Using this option you enter into a direct contract between you and the flight company, we only help you with the purchase.

3) You can use the flight-finder on our subpage dedicated to the cheapflights where you enter completely into the communication between the provider of the flight-finder, airlines and you. We have no further responsability or control for your searches and purchases with this flight-finder. All the communication you must address directly to them.


Making a rent a car reservation with us you are entering into a direct contract with our car rental partner and we are not responsponsible for any inconveniences. We recommend you to check carefully the condition of the car when signing the contract, as well as the amount of combustible in the tank. All the problems are solved according to the contract signed with the rent a car company. However we always try our best to help to fix all the possible problems. Be careful when driving a car abroad and inform yourself about the differences in the local traffic regulation.

You can make your reservation already before your arrival or once already in Gran Canaria. If reserved before your arrival, you can pay all the amount by a bank transfer (refundable 90% up to 1 day before arrival), otherwise we require 10% deposit (not refundable) paid by bank transfer and the rest of the amount in cash when receiving the car. For the reservations made once you are in Gran Canaria you would pay all the amount in cash when receiving the car.


All the prices were calculated to the date published and we reserve the right to change them from time to time and to correct any mistakes we could have done calculating them. The prices include all the local taxes. At the moment of the reservation we always confirm the prices and once confirmed and paid the prices are obligatory for us. The only exception are the prices of the flights tickets and in case the flight company will increase the price because of increasing of the prices of the fuels or because of any additional governmental taxes or any other surcharges made by the flight company will be paid by the client. The payment conditions are explicated more precisely in the paragraphs of our corresponding products.


The Canary Islands belong to Spain. Although you are in the European Union here, the conditions of the health system are different in each of its member countries. Therefore, we advice you to inform yourself about travel insurance conditions before you travel to Gran Canaria and arrange your own travel insurance with the insurance company in your country.


Your possible passport, visa and other immigration requirements are your own responsability and you should inform yourself about all the steps you must take before making your reservations and before your arrival. We are not resposable for any losses caused to you because of this reason and we are not responsible for any losses caused to you if you were not enabled to travel to Gran Canaria or enter Gran Canaria.


We are not responsible for any losses or damages of our clients caused circumstances we cannot influate, such as weather, traffic and other accidents, in case of being a victim of any crime or robery, loosing their property on their own carelessness, failures of public suplies or transportation, acts made by governments, civil disturbances, deus ex machina, illness, injury or even death.


When we make your reservation, we have to collect some of your personal details. Some of these details we have to share with our providers such as hotel owners, transporters, airlines, car rental company or possible corresponding authorities. We never give your personal details to any third parties that are not directly connected with any service that we arrange for you.

We may use your e-mail or post to send you some of our direct marketing offers, such as discounts, new products, actions or events. If you do not wish to receive these offers you can sent us an empty e-mail with un word “UNSUBSCRIBE” in its subject and we will stop using your details for our direct marketing.


In case there is something wrong with the services that we arranged for you, it is necessary to inform immediately the provider of this service to resolve the problem. In case they are not able to do it, inform us on our telephone number or e-mail and we will try our best to improve the situation. If you don’t inform us about the misunderstandings in our services, then we most probably do not know about them and if you inform us late or when back at home already, then it is impossible to make any improvements and the investigation of your matter can be also more difficult. You can send us your comments/suggestions to our e-mail or filling in the form on our website in the subpage About Us.