House of Columbus

Definitely one of the most known buildings on the island is with no doubts the House of Columbus. But did Christopher Columbus really own this house?

The history of the house dates back to the 15th century when it used to serve as a residency of the island’s governors. According to some of the historical sources Christopher Columbus possibly stayed in the house when during one of his voyages to the “New World” one of his ships needed to be repaired when sailing around the Canary Islands. He landed on the island and enjoyed the occasion to visit his friend – the governor Antonio de Torres.

The actual shape of the building is a combination of couple of historical buildings of multiple centuries that were given the same façade, windows and stony decoration in the 50ties. The interesting result still gives us a unique example of a traditional Canary architecture with Roman and Arabic elements.

The mission of the museum is to introduce you to the voyages of Columbus to Americas. Maquettes of the ships, nautical maps, instruments of navigation and another equipment of the sailors will take you to their world. There is even a reconstruction of the cabin of the admiral.

Another exhibition hosts exquisite artifacts of aboriginal American cultures such as ceramics, seals, figures and funeral objects. Your idea about the connection of the Canaries and America can be completed in the library dedicated to this topic.

The house itself with its beautiful patios and wooden balconies is an interesting overview over the Canary architecture and is decorated by many precious tapestries and valuable old paintings of various artists from 16th till 20th century.

The museum is usually opened every day 10-18:00 (until 15:00 on Sundays and public holidays) and the entrance costs 4€. You could enjoy a free entrance if you manage to do your visit during the first weekend of the month. On Sunday mornings a little traditional market is normally organized in front of the house.