Valsequillo – Village of traditions

The village of Valsequillo is situated in the eastern midlands of the island in the approximate height of 600m. The numerous water springs make the diverse surrounding countryside green all year round and contribute to the prosperity of local traditional agriculture.

ValsequilloIf a nature lover, you will be amazed by the local landscapes full of colorful plants, especially by the unusual kind of blue tajinaste and many other indigenous plants. The municipality offers 9 different trekking routes of all levels to visit the local highlights and surroundings. The place is also perfect for a mountain bike cycling, trail running or horse driving.

My favorite hiking tour is Barranco de los cernícalos, a Spanish expression for „Kestrel Valley”. This easy route is following a little stream with multiple water cascades. The way is bordered by lush vegetation and trees that keep you in a pleasant shade and if you’re lucky, maybe you will really see some kestrels.

The village is very well known for its traditional gastronomical products, especially the cheese, strawberries, honey, wine and almonds. There is a shop on the main street where you can taste and buy some of the locally elaborated products. Try an almond mojo or the bienmesabe sauce.

In the historical center of the village you would find an interesting church of Saint Miguel, reconstructed at the beginning of the 20th century. There is a valuable baptismal font from the 15th century and many old valued statues in the interior of the church. Together with the neighboring town hall and another old buildings from the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century the center of the village feels very cozy.

If you wish to see something really old, when passing by the town hall, continue walking the street just a little bit higher. You will find a little view point from where you can admire a nice view to the mountainous landscapes and there is an old cavalry barracks from 1530 at the bottom of the valley.

There are a lot of fiestas organized in the municipality, but if you happen to be in Gran Canaria right now, at the end of September, you shall not miss the most important one – the feast of Saint Miguel Archangel celebrated every year the 29th September, the patron of the village.