Walking Tour Tejeda Roque Nublo

Walking Tour Tejeda Roque Nublo is a trail to the mythical symbol of Gran Canaria – Roque Nublo. You will start your way in the historical center of Tejeda and finish on the same place.

Start: Tejeda 1050 m
Finish: Roque Nublo 1813 m (one way path)
Height difference: 1800 m
Distance: 18 km (8 hours)
Don’t forget: good shoes, nordic walking sticks recomended, warm clothing, raincoat, sun protector, water, lunch

Roque Nublo
Roque Nublo was often mentioned already in the old aboriginal mythology. The locals believed that the guardians of the gods used to live there. That is why they used to bring their offers as milk and honey to another mystical rock called Roque Bentayga. You will be watching Roque Bentayga most of your way from Tejeda to Roque Nublo. The Gods themselves used to live a bit higher – on the highest mountain of the Canary Islands, and nowadays also the highest mountain of Spain – Pico de Teide in the island of Tenerife.

Roque Nublo has converted into a symbol of Gran Canaria for everyone. And that is the reason why you should do this trek. Most of the visitors of Roque Nublo take the “lazy way” that starts on the parking space below the mountain. If you are in a good condition, make something for your ego, and defeat Roque Nublo from Tejeda. Walking Tour Tejeda Roque Nublo starts in a beautiful almond village in the height of 1050 meters. Your experience of visiting Roque Nublo will be way different.