28 best reasons to visit Gran Canaria

28 best reasons to visit Gran Canaria

Hey Explorers!!

Searching for the best way to start our blog about Gran Canaria we thought it would be the best to motivate you to hit your favourit search engines for the flights and accommodation and set up for a brand new adventure.

Here we go, our 28 best reasons to visit Gran Canaria. Later on we shall possibly write more on each one of them.

1) Climate – the influence of the Gulf Stream causes that you will have mild temperatures at any time of the year you visit us.

2) “Small Continent” denomination – it may sound cliché, but during your stay, you will really experience so many different styles of countryside, microclimas, views, beaches, cities, villages, forests, jungles, high mountains, that you will really start using this cliché frase as well.

3) Beautiful countryside – especially in the “winter” months you will be impressed by the green beauty of the hidden valleys and you will never forget the impressive mountain views in the centre of the island.

4) Walking Tours – the island is literally crossed all over by hundrets of trekking paths. You can join us on our weekly guided walking tour to the Valley of Azuaje or get more inspiration here.

5) Sandy Beaches – you can enjoy some of the long sandy beaches especially in the south of the island where the weather is sunny most of the days of the year.

6) Sand Dunes – ride a camel caravana over the large sand dunes in the southern most place of Gran Canaria. It is an important eco-system with a water pond that hosts some of the migratory birds comming from Europe.

7) Wild Beaches – if you prefer to be alone on natural or “virgen” beaches we will recommend you some really cool ones in the western part of the island.

8) Natural Swimming Pools – some villages in the north coast offer swimming in natural pools created on the rocks that may enable swimming even when the ocean is rough. The entrance is for free.

9) Protected Areas – to preserve our amazing countryside also for the next generations, almost 43% of the island has been declared protected areas such as nature reserves, natural parks, natural monuments, rural parks, protected landscapes etc.

10) Virgin Places – there are still some places that could be considered virgin. If you ask for a proof, set up for the challenging walk to the Gui-Gui beach.

11) Botanical Gardens – on Gran Canaria you can find the largest botanical garden of Spain – Jardín Canario. It conserves hundrets of the Canarian endemic plants and you will be impressed for example by its waste collection of cactuses.

12) Picturesque Villages – the northern part of the island and its middlands hide many romantic villages with its cozy centers and small churges and so much history to narrate.

13) Historical Las Palmas – walking through the medieval Vegueta in our capital city will take you back in time. Afterwards you can spend some money shopping in Triana or swim on our beloved beach of Las Canteras.

14) Arqueological Parks – the old aboriginal culture left us an important testamony that we try to dissolve in numerous arqueological parks and interpretation centers on the islands. They once used to be antient cave cities, graineries, santuaries or necropolis.

15) Museums – you will find many museums to learn more both about the prehispanic times and the times after the conquist. There are also many museum-houses where important islanders used to live, some of them are for free.

16) Culture – all year round Gran Canaria and its capital city hosts many cultural events, festivals and concerts. You can also reserve tickets to our unique ocean side Auditorium Alfredo Kraus.

17) Friendly Inhabitants – the Canarian people are so warm and welcoming that you will forgive us that our English is not so perfect.

18) Delicious Cuisine – you must definitelly try our “papas arrugadas con mojo” (wrikled potatoes in spicy sauce), “la ropa vieja” (literally “old clothes”), gazpacho (cold vegetable soup) or fresh fish in the northern fishing villages.

19) Cheese – the semi-wild living goats and sheeps give us a high quality milk that we can use to produce for example our famous “flower cheese”. The Canarian cheeses are often highly ranked in the international competitions.

20) Wine – if you have ever tried the volcanic wines you will admit that they are really special. You will not believe, that even William Shakespeare used to write about the wine from Gran Canaria.

21) Coffee – the favourable microclima of the Valley of Agaete enables us to produce one of the best coffees. Join us on our Gran Tour or Coffee, Wine & Cheese excursions to flavour the tastes of Gran Canaria.

22) Carnival – if you are planning you trip for Febreary, don’t forget to pack your carnival costume. Las Palmas Carnival is almost 1 month loooooong and most of the shows are for free. Read more about the Carnival here.

23) Surfing – you already know 1 cliché (“Small Continent”), now you will learn another one: “The Hawaii of Europe”. Gran Canaria is for its good waves very popular amongs the European surfers. If you are not a surfer yet, we can reserve a place for you in a local Surf School.

24) Rally – give your trip an adrenalin touch watching the challenging and literally “breath-taking” montainous stages of Rally Islas Canarias. We cooperate with the organizors and offer Rally Excursions.

25) Sports – Gran Canaria is a great place to practice any kind of sports, water sports, adrenalin sports or horse riding any time of the year. You can get more inspiration here.

26) Political Environment – eventhough we are geografically so close to Africa, we are a part of Spain and the European Union, so you will enjoy the safety of the European political system and travelling rules.

27) No Dangerous Animals – surprisingly you shouldn´t find any poisonous snakes, spiders or large wildlife over the island. Well, if it doesn´t escape from someone´s personal collection, of course 🙂

28) Gay Friendly – last, but definitelly not least point of our list. We do not discriminate anyone!! Gran Canaria is one of the most gay (and lesbian) friendly places in the world. We have a wide selection of gay hotels and twice a year we host the great Gay Prides.