Walking Tour GuiGui Beach

Walking Tour GuiGui Beach is trekking through the wild and untouched valley to one of the last virgin beaches of Gran Canaria. Good physical condition needed – very significant height difference.

Start: Tasartico 190 m
Finish: Tasartico 190 m (one way path)
Height difference: 1900 m
Distance: 10 km (7 hours)
Take with you: good shoes, nordic walking sticks recomended, warm clothing, raincoat, sun protector, swimsuit, water, lunch

Walking tour GuiGui Beach will take you to one of the last virgen beaches in Gran Canaria. The reason of its loneliness is simple. It is quiet difficult to reach it. Occasionally the beach is a goal of sporadic boat trips, but most of the visitors are hikers searching for peace and hidden secrets. There are two beaches of GuiGui. One of them you will reach any time from the path, second one is reachable only when the tide is low. Please be sure you are in good physical condition if thinking about this tour.