Walking Tour Tamadaba Agaete

Walking Tour Tamadaba Agaete is a trekking path of the old aboriginal Guanche. Starts in the pine forests of Tamadaba and with amazing views when descending through the green Valley of Agaete to the picturesque village of Agaete. Good physical condition needed.

Start: Tamadaba 1350 m
Finish: Agaete 30 m
Height difference: 1320 m
Distance: 15 km (5 hours)
Take with you: good shoes, nordic walings sticks recomended, warm clothing, raincoat, water, lunch

Walking Tour Tamadaba Agaete used to be walked originally by the aboriginal women and served as an important commercial road. The women of Artenara where the cereals were produced needed to change some of the cereals for the fish caught by the fishermen in Agaete and vice versa the women of Agaete wandering up the hill to exchange their fish for the cereals.