Beautiful countryside of Gran Canaria

Beautiful countryside of Gran Canaria

Most of the visitors of Gran Canaria are interested especially in the long sandy beaches and sunny weather of the southern part of the island. But even if you are a real “beach potato”, at least for 1 day you should leave your swimming wear at home and set up to the charming interior of the island. Who knows, maybe you will find a secret virgen beach or lagoon where you won´t need it!

Gran Canarias countryside is as mutifarious as the island itself. The volcanic origin is so obvious. Millions of years ago a high cone of the height of approximately 2500 meters have been created after multiple lava eruptions. Nowadays millions of years later, we can observe the results of such a long wind and water erosion.

Today the highest point of Pico de Las Nieves is 1949 meters high. It is situated in the heart of the island fromwhere the impressive valleys are thrown down untill they reach the shore of the Atlantic ocean. Try to follow some of them on some of our walking tours and you will find out that in each part of the island your passage will be completely different.

The southern valleys with their deep canyons will remind you of Arizonas countryside. The reason for that is a lack of rainfalls in this part of the island as the clouds are usually stopped by the mountains in the north. Western valleys will lead you to fantastic virgin areas with scattered palm trees and the northern ones will be always fresh and green.

On your altitude and position will also depend what type of plants and trees you will contemplate. On the coast level you will start in the palm groves and as you rise up, the trees will change for eucalyptuses, laurels and tills, pine trees even higher and small shrubs as you are approaching the highest peaks.

We have few small streams that you can follow all year round with small cascades and another streams and cascades you can observe in the winter after the rains. When there is enough rain in the winter, our water reservoirs are full of water and they look like beautiful mountain lakes.

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