Small continent of Gran Canaria

Small continent of Gran CanariaSince you´ll have landed in Gran Canaria, you will hear it 1000 and 1 more times. Gran Canaria is a “small continent”, because us – Canariones (local denomination for the inhabitants of Gran Canaria) are so proud about our extraordinery island.

Each of the Canary island is unique for something. Lanzarote has volcanic lava fields, Fuerteventura beautiful beaches, Tenerife the highest “snow” mountain, La Gomera large laurel forests, El Hierro its untouched countryside and La Palma is the greenest island. But Gran Canaria has it all!

You can come here any day of the year and you will always have something to do. You can visit us 100 times, and there will always be something new to discover. It may be swimming on a virgin beach you haven´t known before, visiting a new village that you didn´t find the last time, hike a new trekking path for you or just visit some of our newly opened archaeological parks.

You can start your day having a coffee on the sea side promenade in the bustling capital city of Las Palmas, drive up to some of the middlands traditional villages, apreciate the unforgettable views in the mountains in the centre of the island and in the afternoon relax on the sun in the sand dunes of Maspalomas.

On a trip like that you will observe so many different types of countryside. You will start between the palm grooves of the sea level, change them for eucaliptuses and pine trees when climbing up the mountains and as you will drive down to the south the fresh and green areas will be changed for the dry canyons and steep rocky cliffs of the southern part of the island.

And of course, not only the countryside will be changing when travelling around. Every part of the island has its specific microclima, so don´t forget something warm and maybe even an umbrella in the winter months. If you get wet in rain on one side of the island, you can just drive to the other one and within 1 hour you will probably get dry on the sun again.

Sometimes in the winter, but not often, we even have some snow on the highest mountains. Have you ever buit a snowman and swam on the beach in the same day?

This is what we mean when we say “small continent”!