Fiestas of Our Lady of the Pine in Teror

Fiestas of Our Lady of The Pine Tree in Teror September is the month when all the island of Gran Canaria celebrates the festivities of Our Lady of the Pine Tree. According to the legend the 8th September 1481 a the figure of the Virgin Mary appeared on the top of a pine tree in Teror. Later on there was a storm and the pine tree fell down and the same place was enjoyed to build a hermitage of the Virgin in 1514. The Virgin converted into the patron of Gran Canaria and Teror became an important place of pilgrimage.

Eventhough the festivities are more then 1 month long, the main fiestas are celebrated the day 7 and 8th September. The day 7th is the day dedicated mainly to the promises to the Virgen. Thousands of islanders do the pilgrimage, mostly from the city of Arucas to accomplish their promises to the Virgen or to ask her help with their troubles.

The day 8th is the day of the official acts, especially the procession with the virgin. The virgin is dressed in a beautiful dress and loaded on a lovely decorated carriage that passes through the well known balcony street. The event is assisted by the soldiers parade, there are many stalls with traditional products and handicrafts all over the center and you would also see some traditional dances in the typical costumes.

Our special tip is to visit Teror the evening of the day of Marías. This eyear it happened to be the Sunday 10th September. It is not as busy as the day 7 and 8th, and there is an evening procession followed by amazing fireworks. At the end the Virgin returns back to the church and a worship with the beautiful aroma of incence is celebrated.

Apart of the festivities Teror is a lovely peaceful place with picturesque historical center and you can visit it any time of the year on our fantastic Tuesdays (Wednesdays) Gran Tour.