Protected areas of Gran Canaria

Protected areas of Gran CanariaTo protect the beautiful countryside of our amazing island and to conserve it for the next generations, almost 43% of the island had been declared the protected natural areas, such as nature parks, rural parks, fully protected nature reserves, special nature reserves, natural monuments, protected landscapes and areas of scientific interest.

Today, we will speak about  3 amazing protected areas that you can visit on our exploring tours. We always like to add small trekking tours to all of our excursions, so that you get in direct touch with the Canarian countryside and to make your tours really memorable.

Roque Nublo – this natural monument in the heart of the island represents one of its most known symbols and the hike towards its spike became a must for all the visitors who like to explore the island and do not mind to sweat a little when defeating its top. The hike takes approximately 35 min (one way) and on its way you will observe how the flora changes according to your altitude. You will start the trek in stages with canarian pine trees and as you climb up, they will change for shrubs until the vegetation disappears completely in the final stage in the height of approximately 1800m, from where you will have unforgetable views. To visit the natural monument of Roque Nublo, you can join our Gran Tour on Tuesdays or if you are more fit, you can a book private long way Tejeda – Roque Nublo.

Valley of Azuaje  – is a special natural reserve in a valley full of lush vegetation. A trekking tour of 3-4 hours will take you along a small river with water cascades and you will observe many local endemic plants on your way. The path is approximately 8 kilometers long and you will have a lot of fun jumping over the stream, make your way through the jungle areas or climb the small rocks with the help of installed ropes. Set up for a small adventure and join our Thursdays Walking tour Valley of Azuaje.

Tilos de Moya – another special natural reserve that conserves what once used to be the huge “jungle of Doramas”. The 2 km long walk is suitable even for those who are not ready for a proper trekking tour. You will breathe the fresh air produced by the laurels and tils and you will find even more endemic plants and trees. The circular tour takes aproximately 40 minutes. You will listen to the lovely birds singing and if you are lucky, you may meet also some lizards, geckos or frogs. To visit Tilos de Moya, don´t forget to book our Lazy Sunday Morning Tour.