Virgin places of Gran Canaria

Virgen places of Gran CanariaToday we have something for real nature lovers. It is incredible to see, that in the world, that is still getting more and more globalized and transformed by the human being, we can still find places that we can consider virgen. As we have already written 1001 times, Gran Canaria is often called a small continent, so there is no surprise you can find some virgin places here also. Of course these spots are not easy to access and you will have to sacrifice your comfort in order to explore them but that is why they are worth the visit, aren´t they?

A synonym for a virgin place in Gran Canaria is undoubtedly the area of Gui-Gui, that had been declared a special natural reserve in order to protect its virgin beauty. It is situated in the west of the island and to drive to its beginning from Las Palmas will take you approximately 2 hours. The road will be quiet curvy, but at the end you will find a small wooden sign showing you fromwhere you have to continue walking.

As you will be rising up, your views will be better and better and slowly as you will become more distant from the civilisation, you will understand, why is this place called virgin. Suddenly you will arrive to the top of the slope and an impressive world with the ocean on the horizon will open to you.

Comming to Gui-Gui means to learn about the island to its basics. You will definitely learn about its geology and unique flora even without books and if you are lucky you may also meet some representatives of local fauna. You will see the incredible game of mother nature in shape of amazing geological creations that have been formed here. Gran Canaria hosts infinite number of endemic plants and you will observe many of them such as almacigos, bejeques, cardónes, cerrajónes, canarian palms and pines, bitter and sweet tabaibas, canarian sage or tajinastes. Many birds find here their hideaways, as well as butterflies, lizards and giant Canarian lizards.

At the end of your wandering a compensation in the form of a beautiful virgin beach will reward your difficult access to the place. On your way you will find only few more independent travellers who will have the same adventurous caracter as you, but on the beach you may find a small group of visitors who will come to visit the beach by boat. As soon as you see them, you will know that they didn´t understand anything. The goal is not the beach. The goal is all Gui-Gui itself!!! Find more inspiration about Gui-Gui here.