Wild beaches of Gran Canaria

Wild beaches of Gran Canaria

Long sandy beaches are good for lazy sunny days, but if you are a real explorer, than you will be searching for something more cool! Get away from the crowds and find something only for you! The uninhabited western coast of Gran Canaria hides real treasures that are waiting for you to be discovered.

The beaches on the western coast are wild, some of them we can call even virgin, they are difficult to access, but there is something about being on the beach alone, isn´t it? We will now share with you our secret and invite you to 2 beautiful beaches. Relax and enjoy!

Before the trip we recommend you to check the prediction of tides, for example on this link. To visit them, please choose the part of the day when the tide is low or close to low. During the low tide you will find them as beautiful sandy beaches, but when the tide gets high the sand disappears and the beaches convert in stoney. It is good to wear swimming shoes and visits are advisable from Monday to Friday as on weekends and bank holidays the locals want to enjoy them as well.

GUAYEDRA BEACH – You will find it driving from the village of Agaete towards Aldea de San Nikolas. It is necesarry to walk approximately 20 minutes from the place where you will leave your car. There is a small stream of water leading to the ocean in the winter months and you will see a small farm before reaching the beach. From the beach itself you will have views of the port of Puerto de las Nieves. According to the historians, the last guanarteme (king) of the aboriginal people used to live here as this place have been granted to him by the Spanish king. You can also visit this beach on our private walking tour Charco Azul – Guayedra.

GUIGUI BEACH – This “virgen” beach is a real jewel for lovers of “something else”. But don´t forget to get the muscles of your legs ready as you will not get this jewel for free! To reach the beach, you will have to walk quiet a difficult trek of 2 hours and defeat a considerable hight difference. But it is definitely worth it as this tour will be absolutely unforgettable and not only for the musle pain! If you are afraid that you could get lost, you can reserve our private walking tour to GuiGui Beach.

There are many more wild beaches on the island. Book our peaceful destinations on Gran Canaria and we will tell you more about them!


Warning: Be careful if swimming, because there could be considerable currents in the water and the waves could be high. Generally swimming on these beaches could be dangerous and is only suitable for good swimmers. But even without swimming we are sure you will be amazed by their natural and wild beauty.